I’ve been “thinking” about doing this video for at least two months now, and I’ve been putting it off … And putting it off… And putting it off. Geeez…

I tell myself I’m “hard at work” on this blog (which is mostly true), and yet the thing I really wanted to do – start creating daily videos – has been put on the back burner for so long, it was turning stone-cold. Just like the leftovers you forgot to put away after dinner last night.

Social Media Profits – It’s ON

So, when I say I’m happy to be finally posting this video, I. Am. Really. Happy. So: Game on!

In this video, I’m basically introducing myself and what I do for local businesses and home-based business: Provide help, guidance, support and coaching on the use of social media to build said businesses. Lots and lots of people have a skill or passion, and then they try to turn that skill / passion into a business. In “The E-Myth,” author Michael Gerber talks about the challenges faced by people following exactly that business plan of action – to use their existing passion, and try to build a business around it.

And try they will – and very often, fail. Not because they’re not great cake-makers, or auto repair specialists, or any number of other things people are great at. It’s because when you create a business around a passion, you are faced with doing all the other things needed to run a business. Hire and manage people. Handle all that government paperwork (including taxes). Manage inventory, equipment, sales, and oh yeah, marketing.

It’s that small business marketing piece that I’d like to help with. Why? Well, I’m a small, local businessperson myself, and I know lots of others out there, “fighting the good fight,” working to stay open, operating and – hopefully – profitable in what might best be described as challenging economic times. Of course, come to think of it, when is it not “challenging economic times” for local businesses?

Small Business Marketing / Home Business Marketing Help, Guidance and Coaching

In videos to come, I’ll be offering powerful, actionable, ideas and tactics on using social media to better market your local business. To help you get the word out, to spread your message, to help you (the local and home-based business owner) generate, attract and keep new clients and customers. We’ll talk Facebook, YouTube, website/blog stuff, and e-mail marketing, too. Those are my “Big Four” when it comes to online marketing. There are tons of other services and so-called platforms out there, but those are the ones I feel you should focus on in your marketing efforts. They bring the most “bang for the buck.”

No matter what your business, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer with local business marketing or home-based business marketing and you’re looking for those elusive social media profits, I’m sure you’ll find lots of good help in the videos, blog posts and other connections to come. If you have specific questions, or would like some advice on a particular issue, please leave a comment below. I read them all (personally) and will either answer via e-mail, or perhaps I’ll create a new Social Media Marketing video.

Get in touch! 

E-mail: Bill@BillSklodowski.com
Phone: 941.315.7627

PS: The key to building your Local or Home-Based Business is to ATTRACT more prospects, clients and customers you and your business, products and offers. “Attraction Marketing” works! Want to learn more? Here’s a great place to start: The Attraction Marketing Formula

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