Does Your Business Suffer From "Seasonality?"

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“Seasonal” Business…? What’s That?

Living in Southwest Florida, I have a lot of business clients that suffer from the dread disease “seasonality.” My part of the state – along the beautiful coast south of Tampa Bay – sees a lot of business from tourists and visitors, both from the states and around the world. Restaurants, hotels and other tourist-related businesses are booming in the winter months – when it’s snowing and freezing north of Interstate 10. Yet in the summer months, the beaches are empty (great for us full-time residents), yet many businesses are completely in “survival mode.”

And while summer months mean slow months in my part of the world, I know it’s exactly the opposite for vacation spots “up north.” I have friends that live near beautiful Lake Chautauqua in upstate New York. There are several quaint villages surrounding the lake, and after a nice, profitable summer season, they completely shut down for the winter months. Entire towns close for the winter! At least in Florida, it’s a slow off-season, yet there’s still a little business to be had from the locals and summer travelers.

On-Season: Busy, Profitable… Off-Season: Not So Much

For Florida, the restaurants and hotel rooms that were booked solid in January and February are – like the beaches – mostly empty. Just the opposite in the north. If you operate a business that has any kind of seasonal traffic or feast-or-famine cycles, I don’t have to tell you how challenging it can be to operate a steady, successful business. It takes year-round work and tough self-discipline. Operating a successful seasonal business requires a leader / entrepreneur who’s willing to work twice as hard and twice as smart as the conventional business owner.

Do you run a seasonal business? Would you like to find a to smooth out the peaks and valleys of the seasonal cash-flow roller coaster? In a recent article titled “4 Seasonal Business Survival Tactics,” Entrepreneur magazine laid out some good ideas. Idea #3 is “Use Your Off-Season Well.” Idea #4 is “Find Revenue Streams for Slow Times.” Great ideas, for sure…and I hear you asking, “How?”

I may have an answer for you. I way to generate an additional income stream that will flow to you and your business 12 months a year, no matter what the season, or the seasonal ups and downs experienced in your “regular” business. It’s a Direct-Sales model that more than one entrepreneurial guru has called “the business of the future.”

For existing business owners like you, it’s model that offers powerful benefits:

  • Does NOT take time away from your existing business in busy times.
  • DOES allow you to work in pockets of “down time” – including evenings and weekends (if you choose).
  • Does NOT require any inventory.
  • DOES allow you to create a new income stream – one that is not affected by “seasonality.”
  • Does NOT require a big start-up investment – typically less than $300. (Unlike expensive franchises and other small businesses.)
  • DOES allow you to structure the business to run “hands-free.”
  • DOES create residual / ongoing income.
  • DOES create additional tax advantages available to small businesses.
  • DOES help build a solid retirement investment. A business that is will-able and sell-able.


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