What I Do…And Why:

Does this sound like you? As a baby boomer (those of us who came of age during the 60’s and 70’s), I now find myself at a stage in life where I am not quite ready for retirement – neither financially or mentally – and yet my current employment situation is, to say the least, underwhelming. Many of us have worked full and perhaps even interesting careers, yet now it feels like we’re simply hanging on…waiting.

Holding on to what? For many, its a job we don’t enjoy. It’s just something to pay the bills and fill the time between weekends. The way corporations have shuffled people and jobs around the world in recent years, nothing is stable. No job is a “career” any more – it could be gone with the next round of downsizing and outsourcing. My father always tried to tell me to just find one job, one career, and work that until retirement, like he did. I never was able to convince him that just didn’t happen any more.

So many friends are seeing retirement years on the horizon, and realizing they are absolutely unprepared. At the same time, they – like me – are at an age where starting over, making big career moves, are not a real possibility. There’s well-founded worry and frustration about the future.

Yet for myself and many others, a new idea has appeared…entrepreneurialism. Starting your own business. But not the traditional storefront or service business most think of. I don’t have the money to buy a fast-food franchise, and I’m not going back to mowing lawns, like I did when I was a teenager! Today, there are lots of options out there that offer the opportunity to make an excellent income, and do it while remaining inside my nice, air-conditioned condo. You’ll find more about that opportunity and how I’m making it happen for myself and others on the pages of this blog.

Meanwhile, a little more about me. So you’ll know where I’m coming from….

My Core Beliefs / Thoughts / Ideas:

1. Positive thinking makes all the difference. “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – Shakespeare.

2. My thoughts create my reality. Every time. No exceptions. When in doubt, see Item #1.

3. Eat and exercise as best I can. I admit, I’m not hardcore about either. I’m not hardcore about anything, come to think about it. I just do my best.

A Dozen (Or So) Random Things About Me:

Rock-climbing (well, sitting, anyway) near Austin, Texas

1. “Sklodowski” is very Polish. All four grandparents…

2. Big NFL fan. Unfortunately for me, my childhood hometown team is the Cleveland Browns, and my current team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so life’s been tough, football-wise.

3. Totally, absolutely enjoy a sport you’ve probably never heard of: Pickleball. Yes, it’s a real thing. YouTube it. Play it often with my awesome partner, Laurie. Here’s her blog: http://LaurieLetzo.com

4. I am addicted to pizza (see #3 under Core Beliefs above). I’m pretty picky, but if I see a Baker’s Pride oven in the house, I feel more confident.

5. I live a simple, compact life. I’ve moved twice in recent years. Everything I own fits into a five by eight foot U-Haul trailer. With room to spare.

6. Faith-wise, I am definitely in the category of “SBNR.” Spiritual, But Not Religious. One of my best friends is one of the best psychic mediums currently working this side of the veil.

7. There are a lot of different personality tests. On the color chart, I’m a definite Green, with a touch of Red.

8. Total Apple zealot. Worked for the Fruit Company for a couple years in Austin, Texas. Mac desktop, iPhone and iPad… got ‘em all. Coming soon: Apple Watch.

9. Love to travel – hate to fly. At six foot 3 and “big boned,” airplane seats and I just aren’t a good fit.

10. Avid reader. At least two books going most of the time, and a pile of magazines in the bathroom, too.

11. Wear a size 15 shoe (sometimes 16, depending on the style). Sometimes I’ll get lucky at a local store, but thank the gods for Zappos.

12. Love the water. (Hey, I live in Florida.) In it, on it, under it. Doesn’t matter…all good.

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